A Piece of My Story

A Piece of My Story

I thought I would take some time to write a little bit about myself so that my readers get to know to me. Like every human being I have been through many difficult times in life but I have also experienced joy.

I had a rough upbringing, I come from a broken family without a dad in the home. I was raised by a single mom who struggled independently and needed assistance to raise three children on her own. As a child, I never experienced what a healthy family life felt like so it is a hunger I have carried with me my entire life. This hunger caused me to have a blind eye to love. I have a huge heart and allowed my heart to lead me in my choices, this resulted in me having many painful life experiences.

I became pregnant at the age of 17 and gave birth to my beautiful daughter at the age of 18. She represented life to me. She was so innocent and precious so I made a promise to myself to always be her provider and protector. God graciously blessed me by opening doors to jobs that paid me enough money to support my daughter and provide for all her needs. We had all the material things we needed to survive, but somehow my inner hunger for a life partner led me in the wrong direction.

Parenting helped me discover that I have a giving heart. I found joy in providing for my daughter and seeing her face light up. This birthed a strong desire within me to help others. I know what it’s like to be in need so when I see someone with a need my instinct is to help them. I find myself having a desire to make their load lighter. So I try my best to help them in any way I can. I give the encouragement I know I would need if I were them.

I know what it’s like to have a longing for something in my heart and I know what it is like to be broken. I also know what it is to feel hopeless and shattered because the one you trusted to protect your heart left you in pieces instead. So when I come across someone who feels shattered or lost, my heart is lead to encourage and help uplift. I don’t want anyone to feel the emptiness I struggled with in my past.


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A piece of my story → I once gave so much of myself to help someone that I loved that I felt broken when they decided to leave. I began to believe lies about my character and allowed their opinion to hold a heavy weight over who I truly was. You see when you surround yourself with negativity and people who are only in your life to take, your self-image becomes distorted. In my past situation I started to believe my purpose was to always play the role of the giver. I did not think I deserved anything in return. But truth is if your relationship is not balanced – meaning if you exist solely to try to make someone else better but they add nothing to your personal growth – you will be left feeling drained, empty and worthless.

As a giver you should not expect something in return; however, when your involved in a relationship with another party who is always out to intentionally take, when they leave you are left feeling as though you were ‘not enough’. When you’ve done all you can to help someone and they have used up every part of you, know that your broken pieces still have purpose.

When pieces shatter, it doesn’t mean they can’t be put back together.

No matter what it was that left you broken: A failed relationship, failed marriage, betrayal from a family member or close friend, someone you love passing away, loss of your treasured pet, being let go from a job, a failed business or project you gave your all to – no matter how many pieces are left lying on the floor…they CAN BE put back together.

When I felt like my life was shattered that is when I discovered just how much Jesus loved me. I learned what unconditional love was and that no human being was meant to be my rock or meant to complete me.  My life had to fall apart in order to be put back together in the way God intended: with him first.

God taught me that I didn’t have to chase love, it will come to me in his perfect timing.  A love that requires chasing is not really love, nor is it worth your investment. I was reminded to live for myself and my daughter, the joy of my life – all else God himself would provide.

My daughter was my drive and inspiration to rise when I hit low moments and my fuel to strive to reach new heights in life.

Are you in a place of brokenness, emptiness, shame, depression, or have an unmet longing in life? IF you do, there is only one who can fill every void and put the broken pieces back together more perfectly than before: Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus on a personal level you’re missing out on the most amazing love that will ever fill your heart and the one who can meet every need.

For those of us who have accepted Jesus into our hearts, let’s all be reminded that it is ok to have moments where you don’t feel so put together. Life is a journey and God will continue to mold and break away the parts that do not belong in the season of life you are in. It may be painful but pain breeds purpose and your scars will be a sign of hope to someone else one day.

No matter how hopeless your situation seems, Beauty will become the final product.

If you desire to know of God’s amazing love, all you have to do is say a short prayer and ask Jesus to come into your heart and repent of your sins (we ALL have them – NO ONE is perfect). There is no perfect way to have God enter your life.  All he asks is that your heart be open. Take a step of faith and allow Jesus into yours!!  I promise you from that point on you will never be the same and your life will be filled with new-found joy and new beginnings.


I pray for all who are reading this piece of my story and ask that you open the heart of anyone who does not know you so that they may receive the gift of salvation and freedom which can only be found through your son Jesus Christ our Savior. Father, I thank you for all that you have done in my life and all that you will do in the future to come.  Continue to transform my life and the lives of all the readers according to your perfect will for each of us.


Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

If you know anyone who needs encouragement today or may need to be reminded that their place of brokenness doesn’t have to be a negative experience, please feel free to share.

No matter what the loss is, always remember, ‘Brokenness does not equal hopelessness’.

Growing with you,



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