Those Aren’t Your People

Those Aren’t Your People

you will be too much for some

You will meet many people in life and some will be critical of who you are. Remember not all of them will invest the time to get know you to see what you have to offer, and many will feel you’re too much for them. These are not “YOUR” people. Wish them well and continue on your own journey.

God will place the right people in your life in HIS perfect timing so always be true to who you are.

You were created with purpose so don’t change yourself to please others or try to win them over. God knew what he was doing when he gifted you with your personal characteristics and talents. So let go of the friends or relationships who don’t take the time to see your value.

Everyone is not for you.

We live in a broken world and many people are on a journey to pursue relationships and friendships with those who will conform rather than challenge their inner spirit. They seek to surround themselves with those who are like them and support their way of life or their personal interests. Now while I completely support surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, sometimes that is not best.

When the people in your life don’t encourage you to be better than the person you were yesterday they should be eliminated from your inner circle. By doing this your making room in your life for the better things to come. Negative traits in others can take root within you and drain you of both time and energy.

For some, living by a false perception of who they are is easier than challenging themselves to embrace growth. Use discernment when choosing to allow people into your life by taking the time to look at their values and how they manage their life challenges. We all want to be liked, desired and needed but many times someone taking a pass at an opportunity to befriend us, or letting a relationship with us go is actually a Blessing.

Not everyone you loose is a loss

We have no control over the way others choose to view us but we do have control over allowing it to cause us to feel less than. I am not pretending that it will not hurt to walk in the opposite direction, but know that when you do: You have made the choice to love yourself.

Accept people for who they are and be okay with accepting not everyone will be for you.

Believe in yourself and know that with God you have the strength to stay the course, without them.

As you continue on your life journey without them (or at a distance from them) remember to:

  • Love yourself
  • Enjoy your life journey
  • Let go of those who are not YOUR people
  • Pray for those you choose to let go of (praying for them will help you heal)
  • Always stay encouraged
  • Never doubt who God created you to be

~You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 5:7 ~

Growing with you,

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