Something priceless has value beyond any price.  We each have something so valuable to us that it cannot be bought. Take some time today to reflect on that.

We all go through life purchasing and investing time in things that will never hold any true value. Of course we don’t realize it at the time, but eventually it gets revealed when afterwards the emptiness remains.

God has created a world with many amazing  things we forget to take the time to take in; nature, love, time, the air we breathe, family, friendship, peace and joy.  We forget to take the time to slow down from our busy lives and bask in the priceless gifts we have been blessed with.

Time is free

You can’t own it

You can’t use it

You can’t keep it

You can’t spend ito

Once time is gone

You will never get it back.

So invest your time in what matters. Invest it in what is priceless to you. This is just a reminder to myself and you:

Take time today to look around and take in all of the priceless blessings in life. 

Growing with you,