Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Today we honor and celebrate all Mother’s!

Being a mom is no easy task. Many moms are juggling being full time moms while working full time jobs and also maintaining a home all on their own. There are times we question whether we are failing our children or not giving them our best. There are times of exhaustion & frustration, but being a mother is the most rewarding role any of us will ever play.

Motherhood is full of joy, pride and sunshine that will always outweigh the tough days! Our children will need us for a lifetime in different ways as they grow. They will love us like no other can.

Today we celebrate & honor all moms! We are celebrating stepmoms, adopting moms, grandmother, mothers who have passed on, mothers who have lost their children, dog moms, pet moms, and lets not forget the women in our lives who are “like moms”! Motherhood is not always traditional & there are so many great women in the world who create life and pour into others.

Mother’s give of themselves in a sacrificial way and pour into children to guide and protect them. Mother’s are the source of life, light and of miracles. Without their sacrifice we would not exist. They are our biggest supporters and encouragers.

Celebrate yourself today! May your hearts be filled today in the same ways you pour into your children to cover them in love ❤️🙏

May God bless you for your sacrifice today and always.

We also lift up those longing to be mothers who have a mother’s heart. Today may be hard for you but know that God knows your hearts desires and know your blessing is yet to come. There are many who are aching and longing for a mothers love, perhaps it could be your love to help fill their void as you wait.

Father God, We thank you for all mothers today. We ask that you comfort and cover anyone who is grieving with peace. We ask that all mothers feel joy and love today and are comforted in your love if they are alone. Motherhood is a beautiful gift. Remind us to treasure every moment of this blessing!! In Jesus name, Amen!

Growing with you, Sandy ❤️