Don’t be afraid, Just Believe!

Don’t be afraid, Just Believe!

What are you believing in God for today?

Stand on his promise and strengthen your faith so that fear is crushed and your only option is to believe!!

Don’t let fear creep in. Remember God has not given you a spirit of fear. Have desperate faith for God to deliver. Want it so badly that you have no other choice but to believe and activate the power of your faith!

Seek the Lord with all of your heart and open your eyes to see that when he comes through and delivers, it may not be in the way you were expecting or crying out for. But, it will be the Lord’s will and at the Lord’s direction. And it will be perfect and powerful!

In Mark 5:35-43,

Jairus had to have strong faith to ask Jesus to save his daughter’s life. As a synagogue leader, he heard of Jesus and the miracles Jesus was performing and he was desperate for a miracle to save his daughter. Jairus believed with all his heart that Jesus could save her. He had strong faith in Jesus’s ability to do what he needed him to do.

But as they walked to Jairus’s home, someone came and told them that Jairus’s daughter had already died, but Jesus told Jairus to fear not and just believe!! And Jesus went into the home, into the room by her beside and he raised her from death! After doing so, he told them not to report what happened there to anyone, and to feed her.

After reading this I wondered why he told them to feed her. We know that food nourishes and restores, and when someone is near death and gets revived they need nourishment to be strengthened. So perhaps, this is also a reminder that when someone we love goes through something that nearly takes them out, we must remember to feed them (physically and spiritually) in order to help fully restore them.

The very same goes for ourselves, when we overcome that which the enemy sent to take us out, we must remember to feed ourselves afterwards. We must take care of our spiritual health by getting into the word of God, and also eat healthier so that our physical body can heal, and be strengthened to live and not die.

From this story, we can see the power that Jesus has and we are shown what powerful faith can do when you believe wholeheartedly. To believe wholeheartedly is to believe without any doubt that The Lord is able to heal or revive the person, thing, or situation we need him to. We must believe he can do it and he will do it.

Jesus told them not to discuss what happened with anyone. Why do you think this is? Some think it was to not bring attention to Jesus. Jesus didn’t want his ministry interfered with, but of course it got out because miracles are hard to hide. Imagine being in that position, you would probably want to shout it out to the entire world, and tell everyone you know what he did for your child, wouldn’t you?

Perhaps it wasn’t her parents who shared the news, maybe it was someone else who was in the house? Either way, Jesus, raising Jarius’s daughter from the dead symbolized Jesus’s mighty power! He showed the power of God The Father that was within him. He showed them who he was!!

Can you imagine if Jarius had allowed fear to set in and not have asked Jesus to heal his daughter? Fear could have blocked him from his greatest blessing.

What fear are you battling with today? What fear is holding you back from strong faith? Strong faith, through which you go call on Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and cry out to them for breakthrough. Ask The Lord to strengthen your faith so that fear never causes you to miss the miracle.

Cast down fear before it takes root. And if already rooted, uproot and dismantle that fear in Jesus name. Trust the Lord and watch his mighty power move! Know he is able!!

Pray with me:

Father God, we thank you for your healing power that works through our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We thank you, that you are a God of miracles, and that you answer prayers. Lord Jesus, I lift up anyone who is hurting today or in need of healing for themselves or a family member. I ask that you grow within them, supernatural faith, faith, so strong that there is not an ounce of doubt within their mind or heart. May they believe wholeheartedly in your ability to heal and deliver and bring their petitions before you. Hallelujah!!! I praise you Jesus because I know that you are able and willing. Hallelujah, I praise you Lord and give you all glory and honor for what you are about to do. I ask Lord, that you would strengthen your people, and that you would break the chains that are holding them down, bound to fear. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Growing with you,


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