I Only Want You

I Only Want You

I don’t want to love with the world loves, I only want Jesus and what he wills for me.

The flesh is weak and leads us to things that leave us empty. Do you or have you felt empty, broken, used or unwanted? Nothing can fill that void and no one will ever satisfy the longing in your heart. Only, Jesus can.

When my life felt like it was in pieces, that is when I fully surrendered and asked the Lord to fill my empty void. I was tired of being used and tired of letting things in that left me feeling depleted.

If you’re wondering why nothing fills you, or why no accomplishments satisfy no matter how big the are, or why no one makes you feel complete, know it is because you’re seeking the wrong things.

Stop chasing the things the world has to offer!!! They will NEVER satisfy. Pray and ask God to come into your heart, chase the living water!!

Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8

God has a purpose for you and he will continue to pursue you and call you until you surrender and let him in. Once you encounter his love, nothing else will do! He will be all you want and need.

Prayer: Father God, help us come to the place of to surrender of our lives over to you. Change our hearts to want only what you want for us. I’m Jesus name, Amen

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