Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

While many of us are taking this day to give thanks and reflect back on how good God is, let us also remember that there are many others who will not be in the presence of their loved ones today.

For some this day is a remembrance of pain due to the loss of their loved ones. Others will be spending the day alone due to illness or work obligations. While for others it’s is a matter of choice due to their personal or religious beliefs.

However it may be that you are spending the day, my prayer is that you will know that you are loved and that you will be able to find something small to be grateful for in your life.

When we take the time to reflect each one of us can find something to be thankful for:

  • The sun shining in the sky which gives us warmth and light
  • The rain that falls to being new life
  • The air we breathe that allows us to live
  • Waking up to another day
  • Having a roof over our head or a warm bed to sleep in.

Let us all be thankful for our blessings today and share love with those less fortunate than us.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love,


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