Anchored in Hope

Anchored in Hope

Healing is one of the hardest things to try to do
It feels nearly impossible when you feel broken

You grieve what was lost, even if it was not meant to be

Seasons come and seasons go

They bring joy and laughter

They leave behind emptiness and sorrow

No matter how deep the loss or the pain

We must keep going forward

We fall and we stumble

But we must rise, we must keep seeking

Storms press us, mold us and stretch our limits

But they must not keep us down

When we feel hope is completely lost

We are blessed with a new day

Bright sunshine that illuminates the sky

The darkness from yesterday is overshadowed by light

It is when we get back up that we find new strength

It is there we find purpose


We all have times in life where we sit in dark places wondering just how to keep going. Someone we love passes away, someone we treasure leaves, a dream we have worked so hard on crashes, we get diagnosed with an illness, a family is broken apart due to substance abuse….Things we can’t understand happen to all of us.  It is important to never lose hope because God specializes in making a way out of no way.


Hope Anchors the Soul. I had this verse tattooed on my inner arm as a constant reminder during moments of weakness to be anchored by hope.  My hope kept me grounded and focused on the promises of my future.  Fear, anger and sadness come to make us give up and surrender but with hope and prayer we will remain anchored and capable of not giving up in the midst of adversity.

I listened to a sermon by Joel Osteen while driving to work earlier this week, one thing he said resonated deep with me.

 “Healing gets us to the other side – free to walk in our purpose. Without it you couldn’t give birth to what is within”. – Joel Osteen

At that very moment all I could do was say, “Thank You Jesus, Praise you Father God”. I knew in my spirit right at that moment that I’ve had to endure every ounce of pain in my past for a purpose: Growth.

If you currently need healing in an area of your life, know that once you get through the process you will be wiser, stronger and have the clarity to used for so much more. The hard times in life prepare us for the greater that will come.

When we were students in school, we had to be taught by the teacher in order to learn the lesson.  In that same fashion, life is our teacher. We must keep our minds open to learning in all circumstances, even when we are hurting.

Take a listen to one of my favorite songs {below}. When I need encouragement a listen to this always restores my strength and hope.


I am so thankful to God that in the moments I felt alone and without value, he was with me. He gently spoke to me and reminded me I was his Beloved. Nothing I did and nothing anyone else did could change that. God taught me to seek to learn the lesson in all that I go through. Abandonment, rejection, illness, addiction & brokenness can all be healed when we seek him with all of our heart & embrace this journey called life with him leading. ❤️

No matter what situation you are in, no matter what hardship you are facing, or what you have done, He is with you.  Allow hope for brighter days to keep you anchored and do not ever give up.  God desires you to seek healing and grow.  It may not seem like it in the darkness but you will feel the sunshine on your face again.

H.O.P.E.  ~ Hold on, Pain Ends

Growing with you,


5 thoughts on “Anchored in Hope

  1. Sandy, this blog post touched me so deeply! Healing is necessary for growth… this reminder came right on time and allows me to look at life as my teacher and God as my tutor! Thank you again for your wisdom.

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    1. So happy to hear my blog touched you. God is always right on time!!! It blesses me to know he is able to use me to encourage others. Thank you for sharing with me & confirming for me that these words had purpose.



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